Rhymes Against Humanity: Cast and Credits

Blockhead Portraits
The Cast:
James Gaites Himself {Vocals, Percussion}
Randy Mentzer Himself {Vocals, Guitar}
D. T. Smith Himself {Vocals, Bass, Banjo}
Bruce D. Reed Himself {Vocals, Saxophones}
Tim Seniff Spleenbo, Spy From Outer Mongolia, and Council for the Defense
P. Platteborse  Judge Triangleface Grannyslap
Harbir Lamba Prosecutor
Debabrata Patnaik  Court Bailiff
Pauline Clark Machine Gun Mammy
Buddy Mentzer The Communist Bison
Doug Knox Mr. D-Tox {Vocals on “Sadomasochist Fascist”}
Jeff Campbell Ex-Manager Jeffery Camel-Cart
Bentley Westfield Nightclub Manager
Tom Dellar Captain Joseph Hazelwood
Additional Music:
“Bottle” bass guitar on ‘Sadomasochist Fascist.’  Bruce D. Reed
Tijuanacaster” guitar on ‘Local Sponsor’ James Gaites
Additional Pirates:
Pirate Banter Bruce D. Reed, Doug Knox
Standby Pirates Jeff Reed, Dan Webb
Written by:
Music and Lyrics by: The Political Blockheads
Trial Concept and Script by: James Gaites
Album and Disc Art:
Album Art by: Craig Erlick and Stephen W. Blickenstaff
Album Graphics, Sets, Models, Photography Craig Erlick
Album Graphics, Layout, Photography Stephen W. Blickenstaff
Photography Eric Pugliese
Sound Engineer: Bentley Westfield
Assistant Sound Engineer: Pat Moran
Produced, mixed and arranged by Bentley “Big Dog” Westfield and The Political Blockheads


Special thanks to:
Dan Webb, Jeff Reed, Cansu Altinbuken, Liz Reed, Tym Guitars, Andrea K. Cox
  The Art of Stephen W. Blickenstaff
Stephen W. Blickenstaff
  Mosrite Bass Guitar restored by Tym Guitars:
  Tym Guitars
Tym Guitars, Brisbane Australia