The Bison is an idealist in many ways, and very different from the Diplomat. As a communist, he sees the world in a black and white utopian vision, in which Government must make all the decisions of the human race to produce social, political and economic equality and justice. However, as he implements his grand plans, he creates a gargantuan government bureaucracy that continually moves resources away from these goals, and into the self-interests of political power brokers. Eventually, it is he that becomes the most corrupt in this situation, as he discovers the human need of self-promotion and desire are instinctively stronger physical drives in everyone's life than any type of high-minded or spiritual aspirations. As time continues, he is forced to twist lies into truth, the past to be re-written, so that the system he has created may be perpetuated indefinitely... He openly colludes with the bureaucrats and party bosses, who all have an interest in the continuation of this world order, and mass oppression of the population is required to suppress dissent in any way.