The Diplomat DIPLOMAT

The Diplomat is always the negotiator, well-mannered, ready to please and socialize as much as is needed to get that next deal, find a peaceful settlement to military confrontation, or promote a trade agreement in which resources and people can be exploited for profit. Yes, the Diplomat is a Capitalist. He knows that war can benefit business to some degree, but peace is far more profitable... Much more stable profits can arise when the trains run on time, the boats arrive at their ports with the goods intact, and the market is comfortable enough to take risks in venture capital to spawn new industries and commerce. The needs of the poor and the outcast are of only lip-service to the Diplomat, who sees no real profit in such pursuits, unless of course they can be exploited for cheap labor to further enrich his vested interests. Instead, he prefers the world of diplomacy and negotiation, always attempting to defuse conflicts between The Dog and The Bison, with bribery if necessary, so as to keep global market forces stable and profit from enhanced international commerce.