The Dog is less of an idealist than just an outright self-promoter, always laughing at his own jokes, having grand dreams of great cities and triumphant battles. He promotes himself to the people as a great and glorious ruler that will lead them all to victory. He thrives on the cheering crowds, swooning to his magnificent speeches, in grand squares with his face plastered on billboards ten stories high. He is a fascist, advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government in which he is the 'Top Dog'. Yes, he is ready to declare himself emperor, clearly because he is the superior mental and physical perfection of his race. Others are less important, and those that are very different than he are to be shunned, displaced, exiled, or exterminated, depending upon the needs and philosophies he decides to conjure up for himself. He is happy to socialize with the Diplomat, not only because trade and money to exploit the masses go hand-in-hand with his grand ego-centric ideas and dreams of future power, but also because of the great disco roller skates the guy gave him!

Note: The small cylindrical object on the Dog's head is his "interpreter". Without the interpreter, no one can understand a word he says.