Spleenbo, also known as 'Spleenbo, Spy from Outer Mongolia', is an individual of no fixed political system, social belief structure or residential address... His world is of the present, the now. There is no future, there is no past. Food, shelter and the attainment of personal wealth in any way are his only concerns. He is a hired gun, ready to kill or infiltrate the enemy of whichever faction employees him. In truth, he is an anarchist, ready to attack and destroy what he sees is a corrupt, politically twisted world in which Capitalists try to exploit him, Communists try to enslave him, and Fascists try to exterminate him. He longs for the annihilation of them all, and creates plots to destabilize the cozy regimes of these uncaring, cynical and hopelessly corrupt political systems. He dreams of a world with no government, only chaotic people, surviving on their own, making their own laws in their own minds, and if necessary, taking what they see as the law into their own hands and fighting their own battles on their own terms. Derided for such anarchist views, he keeps them secret and hidden so that he may survive within these other oppressive political systems. Instead, he joins with whatever government will pay him for his fiendish services -- to destabilize the other opposing governmental systems. Hired alternatively by the Diplomat, the Bison, and the Dog, he profits from their disjointed and unbalanced rivalry. He uses his talents to the highest degree, given high technology and intense military training to do battle behind enemy lines in a secret world in which he is always hiding, in disguise, and ready to assassinate his target without mercy or pity.